The tourism sector has reinvented itself thanks to the new uses of technology. The local agency now has a worldwide reach through the web and mobile apps. The real challenge lies in the customer experience that is often very widely spoken about on social media, this is described well in the UMOT (Ultimate Moment of Truth) model. It states that the buyer journey entails four principal moments: the discovery on the web, the decision to purchase, the overall experience, and how they share about their experience. This last moment impacts how the whole process will work in the future for other customers. If there is a bug in the user experience, the whole business process will be affected. StarDust Testing brings you the solutions to preserve your company’s reputation by hunting down bugs for you.


Tourisme Montréal is the tourism office for the greater Montreal area. This association promotes Montreal as an urban destination of excellence. Tourisme Montréal leads the promotion and publicity of their city’s hospitality, leisure, and business market. They also direct the development of touristic activities in Montreal. In order to provide a service that is more accessible, Tourisme Montréal developed a mobile app called “My Official Guide of Montreal.” StarDust has been selected to the perform functional testing and to give suggestions to improve the user experience.

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Paysage urbain illuminé au crépuscule - célèbre skyline urbain mettant en valeur l'architecture extérieure des bâtiments en plein air.

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