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Expand your Audience by Making your Service Accessible to Everyone

15% of the world’s population is living with a disability, and an even greater percentage is living with short-term functional difficulties. Web Accessibility allows for these individuals to access your digital service, which greatly expands your potential user base. On top of that, Web Accessibility raises your SEO score, giving you better referencing on search engines.

Accessibility testing is very different than other types of testing. Our experts are here to guide you.

How do you test the Accessibility of a website? Here at StarDust, we follow 5 main steps:

1/ Choosing the reference framework
As a part of the analysis, the first step is to choose the reference framework and standard level to be achieved. To conduct accessibility testing, we developed our own test grid at StarDust, based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. and RGAA 4.1 standards.

2/ Targeting
Like any testing project, it is crucial to know how to target which pages will be analyzed. In the context of a dense site, such as administration sites, testing every aspect of the site could be too complex. A preliminary study is, thus, essential to control the test load.

3/ Automated testing
Concerning functional testing, it could be beneficial to consider automated testing. The goal could be to automatically check whether all the images have the required “alt” characteristic, for example.

4/ Manual testing
The heart of an accessibility analysis lies in manual testing. During manual testing, testers follow an evaluation grid and report any non-conformities or bugs.

5/ Report
At StarDust, we provide a detailed report at the end of the campaign. We also give access to our online bug-tracker: BugTrapp.

Key Points to Our Approach

  • A framework that meets the criteria of WCAG 2.1 and RGAA 4.1 standards of accessibility
  • Proper targeting of pages for users with disabilities
  • Automated or manual testing
  • A detailed report on our online bug-tracker

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Web Accessibility: Do you pass the test?

2 Forms of Intervention

In Our Laboratory

Our laboratory is filled with accessibility testing experts to guide your accessibility testing campaign.


By Automation

Our automation experts develop and run testing scripts for your repetitive accessibility testing.

A Word from the Expert

Our customers contact us with the desire to provide a seamless user experience. Since StarDust’s history is rooted in hunting bugs, it seemed natural to use the expertise and methods of our testers to build accessibility tests. The quality of the user experience must be global.

– Delphine Guyot–Giler, General Manager, StarDust CTG Group, North America

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